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Habib's HouseProud Franchise Review

Habib's (Harry) Story

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My name is Habib, I am from the Campbelltown/Macarthur Region in Sydney and this is a review of my experience starting a HouseProud cleaning franchise.

 My last role was an Admin/Dock Manager for a retail store and at the same time I was running a small cleaning business on the weekends for 5 years.

One day I decided to challenge myself which was a risk that I decided to take on, is to look for a cleaning franchised business and to take my cleaning to the next level.

I looked and researched many Franchised Cleaning Companies; they were so costly at the time for me, so I was looking for one, for an affordable price.

This is when I approached Houseproud Cleaning by filling a simple enquiry form online. Not long I received a call, I asked all the questions I needed to know over the phone and they were answered.

I decided to buy the franchise in March 2016, I was a bit nervous and scared at the same time as I risked a stable income to take on the business.

My first training day was in the office, I was welcomed with a smile, which made me feel a bit better, I met my trainer who runs the franchise at Penrith who I spend 2 weeks with as part of my training. Also I was scheduled to meet other franchisees on the job for more training. The Training itself was a next level of experience to add on to my knowledge. Heaps of questions were asked and the answers received were excellent!!

Me and my trainer won a few One off leads (Pre-Sale Cleans and an end of lease cleans) so the best part I was getting paid while I was training from the first week I started. My trainer gave me few good tips how to present myself when doing a quote at a customer's house.

After the two weeks were over, I was by myself but not by myself because the support from Head Quarters was amazing!!!!! They even took care of my schedule for the first 6 weeks which was great and I was able to focus on building my regular base.

The amount of leads I received is second to none. I used all the skills I had previously and the skills that I learnt from my trainer and staff to have the confidence to walk in and convert the leads to customers.

The last 3 months were amazing, my effort and hard work that I put in my business is paying off, at the moment I have 31+ Regular Customers, I am looking for my first employee/contractor.

Just looking at the result for 3 months as a franchisee, I am just that excited to see the results coming in the next 6 months.

I am glad I chose the Houseproud Cleaning System; seriously it is a no brainer.

I seriously would recommend Houseproud Cleaning to people who need to take on a challenge and push themselves to achieve a great result.

Thank you so much Paul and all staff, you guys are great!!
Habib Ataya

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